Product of Misery

by Far From Earth

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released August 5, 2016

All songs written and recorded by Far From Earth. Mixed/Mastered by Josh Schroeder. Artwork by Christian Prince and Daniel Mackey.



all rights reserved


Far From Earth Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: Dead Words
I can't stand this masquerade forming before my eyes
You had them crawling towards your sickening lies
One word after another, everything you said, buried my life with your crooked intentions

Cover your tracks, so you can cover yourself
Blinded by darkness
Constantly asking for help
I hope you realize how much you damaged me, and all this time the truth could not be seen

Your words are changing my condition
And every lie cutting me to the bone
Your words are feeding your addiction of lying through your teeth

So when you take your breath
And say the words will you think of me?
Will you save your breath and take the blame for all the affliction you've made
Dead words won't live to be heard

There's no starting over
No taking back all that you said
There's no starting over
I wish that you could see through your own lies how much you damaged me
Open your eyes and see

My blood boils
My body bleeds from your inflictions
You backstabber
Track Name: Identity
Disconnected from the inside out
Growing distant from the life I've known so well
I know this isn't where I'm meant to be
I hope one day the light will set me free

Set me free from my insecurities
Heal my wounds and stop this suffering
Set me free so I can finally breathe
But all I've done is fucking lie to myself so I can feel just fine
Been counting the days in the back of my mind
How long will it take?
I fear it's almost too late
To find myself again and break through the fault line

Is this life we live still filled with meaning, or will it all end up in vain?
I try to not let go of the reasons that I'm still breathing, 'cause I've been reliving this war

I've been placing the blame on everyone around me
Avoiding the pain that is mine to take
Victimized by my own self doubt
I can't keep justifying my own actions

Been holding myself back from the start
When will I ever learn?

Done lying to myself
Done with excuses
I'm still counting the days in the back of my mind
How long will it take?
Tell me it's never too late
To find myself again and break through the fault line

Shifting back and forth
Finding the truth in this reality
Where is my identity?

Is this what it means to truly feel alive?
Lost in motion
Stuck in my own mind
What else do I need to fucking feel alive?
Lost in motion
Track Name: Corsicana
Lie to me
Brainwashed from what I used to believe
How could you drop all your devotion?
I gave you everything only to be thrown into the fire
So twisted so beautiful but nothing hides that your hypocritical
Say what you will but you're the fucking reason we're so distant

I've lost my patience
My devotion is buried along with your disregard
You painted the picture of the endless void in your soul
You left me with no spine
With no remorse left behind
So please forget my name
I walked around as a present ghost but now I'm withering away.

I watched our world come unglued
Only to be left behind
You're moving forward while I'm stranded here in time
I never gave up on you
Like you gave up on me
I'll watch your promises decay inside of me

I can't describe
The meaning and depth of the words I spoke to you
That night
While I was lying awake in your bed
Such lies
When I envisioned you feeling the same
And now looking back I doubt your sincerity
No remission
From all the bullshit that you engraved
Into my brain

Now I see what the end game has to be
And what it had to be all along
I'll let our memories burn in the past where they belong.

Your face is melting away from my mind
And now I'm free
To explore the endless opportunities
Laid right in front of me
While I

Watch your world come unglued
And now I've left you behind
I'm moving forward while you're stranded here in time
I never gave up on you
Like you gave up on me
I'll watch your promises decay inside of me.

I see you crawl to the next one
Like a fly to a rotting corpse
These mortals won't hold your dead weight
So let me be clear when I say
I'd rather die alone

Liberated from captivity

I'd rather die alone
Track Name: Reoccurring
Stuck in the last few moments
I felt my world become so cold
Taking your place in the sky
While my heart becomes numb

To the pain that I see over and over
Constantly stuck in this motion
You held your head so high
But now it's buried under
Moments of another death
So unspeakable
I can't imagine watching all the suffering unravel

No seconds to react
You're already dead
Heart pounding in my chest
While I'm left here with this shaken feeling
I'm terrified of who's the next to leave me
Or am I the next to go?

No answers how or why this all began
I'm fearing what is waiting at the end

So tell me now
What is the reasoning for reliving
These tragedies
So tell me how
To find the meaning in this misery
Why is this reoccurring?

This separation messes with my head
I still envision you in front of me
But I'm still seeing ghosts of your former reflection
You'll never know what it's like to be missed

Another bridge burned
Another body buried
This is more than my conscience can carry

Who knew that this would be the final time that we'd ever speak?

I've been scraping and tearing my heart out for days
Tearing myself apart
While death danced on my brothers graves
If I could turn back time before the story unfolds
I'd save you if I could so my world wouldn't be so cold

The thought of knowing
That you stopped breathing
The thought of knowing
You're never coming back

With every moment I have to breathe
I'd never wish this pain on my own worst enemy
Emotions haunting me in my sleep
Nothing is harder to take than the ones taken from me
Track Name: Wounded
Will my words ever be enough to change your mind
On who I want to be
I'm not the perfect person
But I wish that you could see
That the life you want me to live
And the son that you tried to change his place of thought
Is only tearing us apart

I've been sitting in this room for years
Contemplating all the times I watched the pain unfold
You pushed it all in my face
It only pushed me away
I wish you could see the loss of faith
In your sons eyes
And in this moment

This is where I stand
Nothing but shattered and cold
I'm a broken man
Pain from the hate that unfolds
Give me something real
Questions hidden to my chest
So I'll believe in you
With no sense of regret

I've been counting all the days
That I've tried to run away
I've had questions my whole life
But you words still put me down

I just want to tell you how much you mean to me
It's hard when these wounds are still repairing
Moments so imminent from a past that was never dead

You saw me as yourself in the mirror
Never forgiving the shallow man who caused the void
Are we the next to see ourselves at this breaking point?

And this is how it is
A bond that's grown so distant
So where do we go from here?

You tell me
I never meant to hurt you
Like the one that hurt me
(My past was never dead)
Because I chose to breathe in hate
(It's not because of you)
The man I never knew
Got the best of my anger
Because he was never there to own up to his failures
No apologies given

We'll put the past to death
Refusing to be a lifeless shell of a man
I just want to tell you how much you mean to me
It's hard when these wounds are still repairing
Track Name: The Fault Within Failure
Soundless mind
I've become the faceless
I see myself in the fullest state of hostility
Look what you made me to be
Into a product of misery

I watched you bring me into this
So let me ask
Was it worth it?
I watched you blame me as if I were the target while you put the blood on my hands

I've lost my sense of rest
There's no shelter no peace
From the hate that resides in me

When did my body
And my heart become so numb
I forgot how to feel this
As cold air costumes my lungs
My world is crashing
And my walls have been crumbling
I sew myself up while I fall apart at the seams.

You got what you wanted so you can sit and watch me burn
Such a shame to see myself in this place
What happened to my stability?
A fucking product of misery

I've been choking on your words while you sit back and watch me burn.
From the day I felt this burden rest on me I ask how has it come to this?
This is not how I'm meant to live
How can I save myself from all of this?
You've been under my skin
How can I find the peace of mind to sleep again?

So I've been tracing my steps right back to the start to see where it all went wrong
So I ask myself

Don't take long to bury me under
Every wall that crumbles above me